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“Just a brief note to thank you once again  for doing such a superb job on the product launch. It was by far the most outstanding performance of the entire event, and not only was HELENE CURTIS impressed but the 2,000 Sally employees  attending the event  were equally so.  You presented our  products in a  very professional,  exciting  and  creative light both through video and live performances. 

The Sally Beauty Supply employees have to sit through more than 50 different presentations all focused  on a huge array of different products and promotions. It becomes very hard to actually interest them in such a way that they become excited about our products. Your presentation, however, did just that. I received nothing but positive feedback from much of our audience, ncluding the president of Sally Beauty Company.  

"To say you are an extremely accommodating production company is an  understatement.  It  was  a  real  pleasure  to  work with  you.  HELENE CURTIS looks forward to doing many more shows with you and I can think of no other production company that is as creative or easy to work with than Lee Ann Marie Productions, Inc.".  
Lisa Coughlin HELENE CURTIS, INC.   

"Just  wanted  to  personally  thank  you for  the great work that you did, (once again)  for  the  President’s  meeting  on  behalf of AGE Beautiful. We received nothing but compliments!!  The space looked amazing and
the event really couldn’t have gone any better! I truly enjoy working with you and hope to continue the streak next year"!!
Maureen O'Hora Sr. Marketing Manager ZOTOS PROFESSIONAL 

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