High-impact fashion brand experiences

Lee Ann Marie Productions produces high value, high impact runway shows, and fashion events that create brand differentiation. We take pride in customizing fashion brand experiences with the most meticulous attention to every detail and performance. Our comprehensive mix of innovative solutions assist fashion companies in showcasing their latest collections.

Our Services

  • Runway & Set Design
  • Commentary Writing
  • Models & Talent
  • Photographers
  • Commentators/Emcees
  • Project Management
  • Dressers
  • Photo Styling
  • Model Run Direction
  • Make-up & Hair Stylists
  • Fashion Event Theme Design & Implementation
  • Audio, Video & Lighting
  • Choreography
  • Wardrobe Coordinating & Styling

Lee Ann Marie Productions has the expertise to bring together all essential aspects to project a distinctive image for a memorable and successful fashion event.

Contact us today for our runway and fashion event strategies for the efficient management of your brand’s complexities.

Our Clients

We love partnering with our clients and them with us. Together, we elevate and enhance every aspect of a show to take events to the next level. Through collaboration, we create valuable, impactful and memorable brand experiences. We never fail to exceed expectations and impress.